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Business Coaching

If you are a CEO, managing director, board director or managing partner, coaching can help you and your colleagues to work effectively as a well-aligned, collaborative team taking opportunities to drive change and growth. 

If you are a 'Rising Star' in a period of career acceleration and personal growth, coaching will support you in developing your talents into key strengths, confidence and presence for your expanding role. 

Coaching for Leaders and Teams, and Rising Stars produces powerful results to help your business grow through the development and growth of key individuals.


Coaching and mentoring can bring results that include:

  • Getting leads and winning pitches

  • Retaining clients and increasing profitability

  • Attracting talented and committed employees

  • Increasing the effectiveness of boards of directors

  • Growing the business and securing its future

  • Making the business a great place to work with high well-being

What can happen in a business coaching session?

A 'Chemistry' meeting establishes the baseline: where you want to get to and how coaching can help. 'Discovery' is in-depth with key stakeholders to scope out the specific individual and team coaching required.

Coaching sessions may then include any or all of the following types of activities:


Open sessions to explore team values, behaviour and culture: includes how to recognise current effectiveness and areas for improvement in team communication, cooperation and collaboration

Team and break-out sessions

Where multiple teams are involved this looks at inter-team values and behaviours and effectiveness


Individual coaching sessions: explores values, beliefs, behaviours; talents and strengths, obstacles and challenges

Business and personal skills coaching

Coaching around key areas for development that are impact performance: successful presenting; proposals writing; handling conflict; managing schedules and overload

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