Private Coaching for Individuals

What do you think could be the benefits of one to one coaching in your professional career, your social life and your personal life?


Coaching can help you become more:

  • Innovative and creative in your thinking

  • Expressive and balanced in your emotions 

  • Effective and engaging in your relationships 

  • Resilient and successful in situations you face

  • Flexible and adaptable to change - in work, socially or personally

Coaching can help unlock your ability to change and grow so that you can be happy and fulfilled. You can wake up every day with a sense of excitement about the day ahead.


What happens in a coaching session?

Before we start our first session we usually have a shorter 'Chemistry' session - lasting about 30 minutes - for which there is no charge. We discuss in principle what you want to get from coaching and talk through how many sessions you may want to have, how long each will last, and where you want to have them - face to face or via Skype or Zoom.


Our first full session will usually start with a 1-hour 'Discovery' where we explore, in more depth, where you want to get to and some of the background to how you have come to your current situation. 

The follow on sessions follow a broad and flexible structure, covering:

  • A closer look at your current situation and where you want to get to

  • Exploration of the range of available and possible options and ways forward

  • Deeper dive into your values and beliefs, the resources you have and obstacles in your way

  • Development and rehearsal of different key actions and their benefits and consequences

Within this outline, we may work through different exercises, model certain situations and use supporting methodologies and techniques.


Coaching packages


The package spans a 12 week period booked in advance. Includes:


  • Six face-to-face or online 1-hour sessions

  • Email support 

  • Working hours telephone support


60 or 90-minute sessions, booked ad hoc as required.


A top-up to previous work or preparation for a specific upcoming event, opportunity or challenge.

Call-up sessions are charged at an hourly or 90-minute rate.


Sessions of 90 minutes tailored to your individual needs

Incorporates deep coaching and elements of NLP/Hypnotherapy where we can address deeper issues such as motivation, limiting beliefs, confidence.


A half or full-day face to face workshop and subsequent sessions to tackle a range of strategies you may want to develop.


Includes hands-on practical session, role-play, modelling etc. Charged at a special rate of £750 per half day.


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