Working with me - Individual Private Coaching

Taking time to work one-to-one with a coach in your personal and your professional life has many benefits. When you're facing change or want to make changes, when you have opportunities or challenges, or when you feel you want to step up to a higher level of personal or professional achievement, coaching can inspire and motivate you.


These are some of the areas where I can work with you:

  • Releasing your innovative and creative thinking

  • Helping you to be expressive and balanced in your emotions 

  • Increasing the strength and effectiveness of your relationships 

  • Developing your resilience in situations you face

  • Increasing your flexibility and adaptability to change

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Coaching can help unlock your ability to change and grow so that you can be happy and fulfilled. You can wake up every morning with a sense of excitement about the day ahead.  Check out the range of different programmes and book a discovery session to see which is best for you.


What happens in an individual private coaching session?

Our first full session is where we explore, in more depth, where you want to get to and some of the background to how you have come to your current situation. 

The follow on sessions follow a broad and flexible structure, covering:

  • A closer look at your current situation and where you want to get to

  • Exploration of the range of available and possible options, and ways forward

  • Deeper dive into your values and beliefs, the resources you have, and any obstacles in your way

  • Development, rehearsal and adoption of different key actions and a review of their benefits and consequences

Within this outline, we may work through different exercises, model certain situations and use supporting methodologies and techniques.


Private coaching programmes


The programme spans a 12 week period, booked in advance. 


  • Six face-to-face or online sessions

  • 60-minute or 90-minute

  • Email support 

  • Working hours telephone support


These are sessions, booked ad hoc as required

  • A top-up to previous work

  • Preparation for a specific event, opportunity or challenge

  • Face-to-face or online

Call-up sessions are charged at £150 per 60-minute session


Sessions of 90-minutes tailored to your individual needs

Incorporates deep coaching and elements of NLP/ Hypnotherapy where we can address issues such as motivation, energy, limiting beliefs, confidence.


A half or full-day face to face workshop and subsequent sessions to tackle a range of strategies you may want to develop.


Includes hands-on practical sessions, role-play, modelling etc. Charged at £750* per half day.


Working with me - Coaching for Businesses

If you are a CEO, managing director, board director or managing partner, coaching can help you and your colleagues to work effectively as a well-aligned, collaborative team taking opportunities to drive change and growth. 

If you are a 'Rising Star' in a period of career acceleration and growth, coaching can support you to develop your talents into key strengths, confidence and presence for your expanding role. 

Coaching for Business Leaders and Teams, and Rising Stars produces powerful results to help your business grow through the development and growth of key individuals. A blend of coaching and mentoring can bring powerful results to your organisation results that:

  • Getting more leads and winning more pitches

  • Retaining satisfied clients and increasing profitability

  • Attracting talented and committed employees

  • Increasing the effectiveness of boards of directors

  • Creating clarity around values and aligned behaviours

  • Growing the business and securing its future

  • Making the business a great place to work with high well-being