What are you thinking and feeling about the day ahead?

It goes without saying these are strange times. Keeping up the enthusiasm for what we do short-term and at the same time looking to their long-term future has never been more important. 

I'm Steve Paul, and as a coach and mentor, I work with business leaders, senior professionals and rising stars - individually and within organisations. I help clients to go forward with a positive mindset and with practical and effective techniques for navigating the present and planning for the future.

If you're thinking of coaching or mentoring to help figure out how to make sense of what's facing you in the workplace or personally, you may find it useful to have a free initial 'chemistry' session. You'll find out more about coaching and you'll get a sense of what it's like to work with me.

Currently, all my sessions are online - via Zoom - so a session can easily be arranged to suit you. Follow the links below to sign up for a free initial chemistry session.


Chemistry session - Find out more

Many people, thinking about coaching, find it useful to have a short initial phone call to find out how an individual coach can work with them.


Call me on 07707 680814 or fill out the form here and I'll call you back at a time that suits you.


In a 20 - 30 minute free of charge call we'll look at what areas you'll find useful and I'll give you a sense of my coaching and mentoring style. There's no obligation: you decide if I would be the best coach for you.

* Information you provide will be used solely by me and only for the purpose of replying to your request for contact. I do not retain or process any personal data collected through these contact forms. 

It's easy to book a chemistry session

When you contact me, we'll discuss what you want to get from coaching and we'll then set up your first coaching session.


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