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Boost the performance of your Leadership Team

My hands-on and motivating coaching impacts the performance of leaders, managers, and teams.

 Coaching impact areas - examples 


Aligning values and instilling effective behaviours across the business

I'll work with you to develop a clear Vision and Mission that translate into effective Ways of Working in teams.

When these are embedded into you work practice you'll have a motivating environment that will attract, engage, and retain results oriented top talent.


Building trust and managing conflict in a collaborative Leadership Team

I run practical exercises in Constructive Engagement, Productive Collaboration, Effective Communication, and Team Conflict Resolution.  The senior team will gel and the positive approach to working together will foster a shared ambition of Growth and Success.


Managing personal and team workload to boost productivity and wellbeing

I'll equip you and your teams with the mindset and best practices for delegation, assigning responsibility, and ensuring accountability. Managing individual workloads will be effective ensuring Optimal Performance, Avoiding Burnout and Maintaining Wellbeing.


Recognising, encouraging, and leveraging different team contributions

I'll identify where New Perspectives and varied experience can bring high levels of Innovation, Problem Solving, and Decision Making into the business. You'll set expectations that the status quo can be challenged, blind spots and biases revealed, and opportunities taken.

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