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Conversation: more people should try it.

Scrambled conversation

It’s no surprise that IT Delivery Managers believe their businesses will change more in the next five years than in the past five. It’s also not surprising that in many cases there is a disparity between what ‘the business’ is expecting from digital transformation and what the IT department believes can actually be achieved.

Nine out of ten ITDMs surveyed in a recent report* said they were undertaking initiatives that would ‘digitally transform’ their organisations in areas such as improving business processes, creating great customer experiences, and increasing workforce productivity. The challenge, however, is that those same IT managers thought they would not be able to meet the delivery timescales expected by the businesses they serve. Last year, only half were able to deliver on time those projects scheduled for completion and gave lack of resources and time constraints as reasons for this failure to implement.

Perhaps more significant is that almost 70% of the IT Delivery Managers surveyed said there was a disparity between what business executives were demanding to be achieved from a digital initiative and what actually can be accomplished