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Put your phone on hold?

Have you heard about the new business whose mission is “… to help people develop a healthy relationship with technology”? It’s a great line, isn’t it? The company is targeting students with the catchy idea that “you are 62% more open to information when you put away your phone”.

The ‘healthy relationship’ requires you to download and use a new app for your smartphone. The incentive for putting your phone on ‘hold’ for 20 minutes is that you earn reward points to spend via the app on brands that advertise through the app. The aim is to tackle to current growth in smartphone addiction.

There are, of course, a vast number of apps that offer mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, inner peace etc, etc. They are a feature of the digital world we live in where mobile devices, software and networks have a profound effect on the way we interpret, navigate and respond to the physical and social world around us.