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Evaluating choices - dealing with overwhelm

Many people recognise the need to change or to make changes, in different areas of their lives, in order to survive and thrive. How to go about this is one of the most frequent and fundamental challenges that clients bring to their life coach. How can someone adapt to, and navigate, the complexity of their lives in a purposeful way that leads to growth and fulfilment?

Unfortunately, sometimes the coaching process itself can contribute to a sense of overwhelm; too many options and pathways revealed, and no easy way to see the benefit of any one of them. In many cases, an individual can go from being stuck in a rut to being drowned in a swamp of choices.

The WAVE evaluative framework has a methodology for identifying, weighing and evaluating different options. Focussing on three core components, evaluating them and seeing how they overlap makes it easier to determine which choices might be more useful and effective. The framework is not a substitute for person to person coaching, but rather it can bring objective clarity to a client and can open up areas for greater exploration and understanding between coachee and coach.