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Eroding work-home boundaries

There is a growing understanding of employees' changing experiences and pressures that result from the combination of increased working from home and greater use of communications technology.

Although there are those who chose to work 'unsociable hours', for many, the erosion of boundaries between 'Me-time' and 'Work-time' is threatening well-being and mental health. It's also unproductive for the organisations in which those people work.

It's long been known that some of the most innovative and creative ideas come from people when they are in down-time, away from the focus and the constraints of specific tasks or deadlines. As a worker's personal head-space is increasingly invaded so they will be less likely to have the brain wave that could help them and their team or their company make a leap forward.

The challenge of course, is how to ensure employees retain the flexibility they have gained during 'lockdown' while safeguarding their own domain.


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