Finding our talents; building our strengths

According to Gallup, where there is a focus on an individual’s strengths, that individual is much more likely to be engaged in their work and, by inference, engaged in their wider social and personal lives.

The combination of skills, experience and resources we are having to draw on to survive the economic, social and mental health impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic are unique to each of us. There is no one-size solution that fits all. So, if we are to be successful in helping ourselves through the crisis and also helping, supporting and caring for others then it is essential we look for the innate and specific talents we each have and build them into the strengths we need.

At this time the overload of data and advice from official and unofficial sources is only adding to the pressure on the individual to find answers, to have certainty. For many, there are only obstacles; no clear pathways no real goal, save getting to an anticipated safer and more secure 2021.

So, what can we start to do, now? What is to be done in the short term that will set us on course in a happier and more fulfilling direction? How can we step outside, above and away from the stress and the anxiety of 2020?

We can work on ourselves, on our given inbuilt talents, to build the strengths we need to navigate the current situation and to reach a future that will be vital and rewarding. That work, that investment in ourselves and our personal capabilities, is what will enable us to grow, to adapt and to thrive.

But we must also work on our way of thinking; on our beliefs, our goals and on our sense of ourselves in the world. Finding the purpose in our lives – the vision of where we want to be – is what will give us the motivation to build our talents into strengths that will help us reach our goals of real happiness and complete fulfilment. “Our lives are what we focus on”.

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